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Turkish SEO & Link Building

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We are not just simple professionals on SEO and online marketing; we’re also passionate about creative content, obsessed with Analytics and Result-driven. We offer perfect digital journeys on Turkish and Multilingual Market.

We have been working on several SEO and link building projects for Turkish websites, especially those which is multilingual with Turkish pages. We successfully managed SEO processes and link building tasks for companies like Wall Street Journal and World Singles Group. We have a good examples with increased ranking in Turkey.

In Turkey, SEO is probably easier than the big markets like USA or UK, as there are less competitors who implement correct and Google-friendly SEO techniques. The biggest part of the job is to find and outreach those relevant and authority Turkish websites to acquire links, in addition to building a rich and user friendly content strategy.

We can define and implement your link building and content strategy with our experienced Turkish SEO specialists and link builders in a very transparent and efficient manner. For example, the following will apply to a link building project:

turkish seo link building company

We can also help you with strategy & keywords selection and onsite optimisation for free of charge.

Links Criteria

Here are the criteria when we are getting links:

  • Domain Authority will be 20+ for each site/order
  •  Site must have relevant category/content
  • The majority of the site should be indexed in Google
  • Only 1 link allowed per website
  • No links from Link farms
  • The content of the site must be unique, make sense, not be spun, have the correct spelling and must be grammatically correct
  • The site must be not advertising the selling of links
  • The site must not contain malware or be an attack site
  • The site must not be under penalty from Google
  • The site must have the correct http status code – 200
  • No links from ‘framed pages’, Free-For-All link network, free blog posts
  • No JavaScript links, Flash embedded links, robots.txt excluded link page

Telephone: 00534 6004080


İzmir Office Address: Kıbrısşehitleri Cad. No:32 Alsancak İzmir Turkey.

All our team members are very passionate about digital marketing and happy to help clients to achieve their marketing goals. Our team is expert in the field and we just make things happen!

Management Team

A. Fatih Gulgonul, Director


Fatih started his online career working at Google’s Turkish AdWords & AdSense team based at Google’s Europe Headquarters in Dublin. He also worked for several big brands like House of Fraser, Vodafone, HSBC and Microsoft in London, UK.

Ezgi, Director


Ezgi has always been an ambitious person about media communications and digital media. She was working as an online community manager for Vodafone Turkey in one of the leading and the fastest growing digital agencies in Turkey after her experience in some blogs and a social network start-up about abroad experience. She is also a passionate project manager experienced with SEO link building and digital marketing campaigns.

23 Kıbrıs Şehitleri Caddesi, İzmir, Türkiye